Publications: Year 2014

Aug 2014Chaperone network composition in Solanum lycopersicum explored by transcriptome profiling and microarray meta-analysisSotirios Fragkostefanakis, Stefan Simm, Puneet Paul, Daniela Bublak, Klaus-Dieter Scharf, Enrico SchleiffPLANT CELL ENVIRON
Jul 2014Prospects of engineering thermotolerance in crops through modulation of Hsf and Hsp networksSotirios Fragkostefanakis, Sascha Röth, Enrico Schleiff, Klaus-Dieter ScharfPLANT CELL ENVIRON
May 2014The Complexity of Vesicle Transport Factors in Plants Examined by Orthology SearchPuneet Paul, Stefan Simm, Oliver Mirus, Klaus-Dieter Scharf, Sotirios Fragkostefanakis, Enrico SchleiffPLoS ONE