Outreach: Year 2013

Apr 2013ConferencesBioinformatics in the post genomics era, Center for Agriculture Research, CRA, Salerno, (M. Chiusano)
Jul 2013ConferencesASPB Meeting, Providence, USA (K.D. Scharf)
Jul 2013ConferencesInternational Metabolomics Conference, Glasgow, (W. Weckwerth, Plenary Lecture)
Aug 2013ConferencesConference on "CAM-C4 photosynthesis", Champain, Illinois, (08/13, R. Iannacone)
Sep 2013Conferences57th Italian Society of Agricultural Genetics Annual Congress, Foggia (R. Iannacone)
Sep 2013ConferencesConference of the Phytochemical Society of North America, Corvallis, USA, (W. Weckwerth, Keynote Lecture)
Sep 2013Conferences2ndAnnual conference COST FA1106 QUALITYFRUIT (M.L. Chiusano)
Feb 2013Invited lecturesLuxemburg Center of System Biology, by W. Weckwerth
Apr 2013Invited lecturesCRA, Salerno, by M.L. Chiusano
Aug 2013Invited lecturesBiotechnological Institute Geisenheim, Germany, by K.D. Scharf
Sep 2013Invited lecturesBayerCropSciences, Germany, by P. Winter
Sep 2013Invited lecturesItalian Society of Botany, Trento, by M.L. Chiusano
Oct 2013Invited lecturesUniversity Göteborg, Sweden, by E. Schleiff
Oct 2013Invited lecturesCinadco/Mashaw, Israel, by N. Firon
Nov 2013Oral presentationBostan H., Chiusano ML., "Development of a bioinformatics platform for gene expression analysis in tomato: a first step to investigate pollen peculiarities", Bioinformatica e Biologia Computazionale in Campania 8a edizione, CNR-ISA, Avellino, Italy
Mar 2013Poster presentationBostan H., Chiusano ML., "Development Of Gene Network For Modelling Of Tomato Pollen Thermo-Tolerance", Doctorate reporting, University Of Naples "Federico II", Naples, Italy
Sep 2013Poster presentationBostan H., Chiusano ML., Nurcato R., Oliva M., Albrizio R., Giorio P., Grillo S., 2013, "An integrated view of gene expression, physiological and metabolic changes trigged in tomato by drought and rehydratation". SIGA (Società Italiana Genetica Agraria), Foggia, Italy
Nov 2013Poster presentationRuggieri V., Bostan H., Barone A., Frusciante L., Chiusano ML., "Integrated bioinformatics strategies for the annotation of metabolic pathways". Bioinformatica e Biologia Computazionale in Campania 8a edizione, CNR-ISA, Avellino, Italy
Feb 2013Public lecturesLecture at the faculty of Science for the parents of Biology students: "Why study Plants" (organized by the association of Biologists, C. Mariani)
Jun 2013Public lecturesRadboud in the City (a stand exhibition of research projects of the Plant Science group to the citizens of Nijmegen, organized by RUN, C. Mariani)
Sep 2013Public lecturesScience day at University of Vienna (W. Weckwerth)
Oct 2013Public lecturesFestival of Science Genova (M.L. Chiusano)
Oct 2013RadioDutch Radio I "Labyrinth Science" (I. Rieu)
Sep 2013TVWestbroek! Aflevering "Tomaten", TV-Utrecht (A. Bovy)
Nov 2013TVMAX-Life (A. Bovy)