Publications: Year 2013

Aug 2013Perspectives on deciphering mechanisms underlying plant heat stress response and thermotoleranceKamila L. Bokszczanin, Solanaceae Pollen Thermotolerance Initial Training Network (SPOT-ITN) Consortium and Sotirios FragkostefanakisFront. Plant Sci.
Jun 2013Cell-specific analysis of the tomato pollen proteome from pollen mother cell to mature pollen provides evidence for developmental primingPalak Chaturvedi, Till Ischebeck, Volker Egelhofer, Irene Lichtscheidl and Wolfram WeckwerthJ. Proteome Res.
Mar 2013The protein translocation systems in plants- composition and variability on the example of Solanum lycopersicumPuneet Paul, Stefan Simm, Andreas Blaumeiser, Klaus-Dieter Scharf, Sotirios Fragkostefanakis, Oliver Mirus and Enrico SchleiffBMC Genomics